Grief and Loss

Through a guide and safe approach, I work with individuals who need to understand and explore the nature of loss and the grief that is associated with it. Additionally, I present strategies that help with working through the various issues associated with grief and loss. It is important to recognize the grief occurs throughout life – the loss of someone close, the loss of a job or evens status. What is important is each individual experiences grief and loss way in a way the is unique way to them. My job is to help tailor treatment to allow for you to understand the nature of your grief and loss and the strategies that will help you in your unique circumstances.


Through a guided and safe approach, allow for an individual to explore the nature of their loss and the grief and accompanies it. Recognizing that grief occurs throughout life – loss of individuals, job, status etc Understand the emotions related to grief and loss and what to do with it.


Better understanding of what grief and loss is and the role it plays. Working through the emotions associated with the loss Determining a way ahead or what to do with the emotions you are experiencing in related to one’s grief and loss.