Grief and Loss

Through a guide and safe approach, I work with individuals who need to understand and explore the nature of loss and the grief that is associated with it. Additionally, I present strategies that help with working through the various issues associated with grief and loss. It is important to recognize the grief occurs throughout life – the loss of someone close, the loss of a job or evens status.

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Individual Therapy

Through a client-focused process, I will guide you as you work to address whatever issues are weighing you down. No issues is too small for us to focus on and my build-to-suit model insures that the we address the issues you want to address and the strategies discussed are applicable to your life and make sense to you.

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Life Transition

Our lives are continually in transition from one point to another. Sometimes these transitions are exciting and anticipated, other times they can become problematic because they are new or unexpected and we are not sure what steps need to be taken. Counseling can help you understand the nature of your own personal transition and how to manage it.

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Relationship Counseling

My focus is to increase the sense of intimacy within your relationship by introducing and 5 simple communication strategies that can create the space you need to work out your problems. Together we can formulate a plan that will help you to have the relationship you have always wanted.

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Adolescent mental health is an issue on the rise. Adolescence can be a time of excitement, exhilaration, and new adventures. It can also be a time where one can feel a overwhelmed, anxious or depressed. I work with teens and their parents to not only understand the nature of their concerns, but also develop personalized strategies or tools to help adolescents navigate through this difficult time.

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"Life is a constant struggle. It's amazing that no matter who you are or how well put together your life may seem to others on the outside, the struggles of life can be a raging storm inside of us."