Adolescent mental health is an issue on the rise. Adolescence can be a time of excitement, exhilaration, and new adventures. It can also be a time where one can feel a overwhelmed, anxious or depressed. I work with teens and their parents to not only understand the nature of their concerns, but also develop personalized strategies or tools to help adolescents navigate through this difficult time. A combination of cognitive behavioral, solution focused, client-centered and mindful strategies are used to help develop a better understanding of what is happening. I focus on helping teens and their parents feel understood and safe as they explore this challenging time.


Begin with an understanding of the nature of mental and emotional health and well-being. Helping adolescents to understand their own mental and emotional health and develop management strategies. Understand the role of relationships in their lives and how they can help/hinder the issues that are occurring. Development of lifelong habits that can address mental and emotional health concerns.


Enhanced understanding of the nature of mental and emotional health. Development of personalized strategies to address concerns whether they be concerns that need to be changed or managed. Development of long term strategies that can be used as the adolescent moves through life.