Individual Therapy

  • Client-Centered – Through a client-focused process, I will guide you as you work to address whatever issues are weighing you down. No issues is too small for us to focus on and my build-to-suit model insures that the we address the issues you want to address and the strategies discussed are applicable to your life and make sense to you.
  • Cognitive Approach – The mind is such a powerful tool and the world created by our thoughts can be a bit overwhelming at time. Learning to understand how we process our thoughts can be a powerful way to address our mental and emotional health. I utilize a guided cognitive processing approach that helps you to identify those thoughts and emotions that need attention and could benefit from treatment.
  • Solution Focused – Therapy is all about finding solutions to our problems. I focus on not only understanding what is going on in you life, but I also help you find the solutions that make sense to you and that can be applied to your life.
  • Mindfulness – We often get lost in past regrets and future fears. The interesting thing is as much as we spend thinking about the past and worrying about the future, that is not where we live our lives. We need to live in the present – making the most of the time you have now. You can be aware of your past and future, but you need to live now.


A mindful, solution focus, approach to treatment Figuring out what is bothering you today and identifying strategies to address


Developing an increased understanding of your own mental and emotional health and what to do when you are struggling