Vanessa M.

Have referred many to Alex because I trust him and have seen the difference he can make in peoples lives. We have also invited him to speak with large groups about mental and emotional care. He is an exceptional speaker and excellent with people

Ethan L.

Dr. Macdonald has been extremely helpful for me. He is professional, with many years of experience, yet relatable. He listens well and guides me in identifying the causes of my issues and in developing methods to overcome them. Therapy with him has greatly improved my life.

Linda L.

I highly recommend Alex! He is very professional, understanding, flexible and respectful. I've been using his services over the last 2 years and have made great strides in my marriage as well as myself. Counseling is essential regardless if you are going through something or not and I honestly trust his practice and processes.

Bryant S.

Dr. Macdonald has been absolutely fantastic for my postpartum journey. Our conversations always felt very conversational and I never felt too afraid of sharing anything that was on my mind. I feel like I am able to process daily stress and life of a new mom much better after seeing him. Highly recommend!

Sarah M.

I have been working with Alex for roughly 6 months and he has truly helped me with his counseling. Not only has he given me advice for various situations in my life, but has given me the tools to handle them myself. I cannot recommend him enough for his work and ability to make you feel comfortable in the environment. Not only has he helped me, but he seems to genuinely care for each person he sees and always remembers every single detail from each session. I would highly suggest having a session with him for your counseling needs and I can promise you will not be disappointed.

Logan G.